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With over 30 years experience of translating Ultra Luxury design briefs into curated interiors and striking builds, Residenz Creative Director Gary Taylor Beresford has amassed a portfolio encompassing some of the worlds most exclusive hotels, hospitality venues and private residences.


Along with a natural eye for the exquisite and client centric approach, Gary’s extensive knowledge and interest in the historical and theoretical underpinnings of art and design enable him to offer a unique perspective, push creative boundaries and deliver projects which consistently exceed expectations.


“Our emotions and experiences can be greatly influenced by our surroundings. What I aspire to do is create refined spaces that emanate soul and are a visual articulation of the clients inner world.” 

Our team have a wealth of experience in the international property market, along with a thorough understanding of the dynamics and requirements of contemporary living. We approach projects with the aim to curate and deliver your vision, balancing the importance of aesthetics, psychology and practicality. 

Residenz’ signature classic contemporary designs complement every architectural style, with a strong identity that draws inspiration from the location, building vernacular and client’s requirements, interests and lifestyle. Bespoke design is integral to our philosophy. Every facet of a project can be custom developed to exacting specifications, ensuring that your vision is realised with unwavering creative expression and the finest quality assured.

Our previous work has included substantial family homes and private apartments in the UK, Europe and UAE as well as high profile commercial and hospitality projects worldwide.


Residenz believe in the transformative power of exceptional design, with every detail, material, and element fostering a connection with the spaces in which we live, work and play, as well as enhancing a property’s energy, value and soul. 


Having worked in Germany and Switzerland for many years, their design ideas still inform my personal tastes. 

Residenz is a German word, describing palaces of colossal proportion which were once home to societies super elite. Whilst these palatial buildings are some of the greatest examples of Baroque architecture in Europe, they remain almost entirely unknown to British tourists. I have made a point of visiting many of these Residenz on my travels and would encourage all seasoned Interior Designers to do the same! Of note is The Residenz in Würzburg. Whether or not it’s to your taste you have to conclude there’s a master at work. Their guidebook casually informs visitors that the ceiling frescoes are by Venetian artist, Tiepolo. Good grief. 
I recall a client recently requesting a room with “wow-factor”.  Now, there’s wow, and there’s WOW. 
Anyway, this all gave me pause for thought. And what came of it was the idea to celebrate these incredible spaces by naming the company Residenz, with the aim to achieve at least something parallel in design quality, if not in style, for my clients. 

This being said, if you fancy an 18th Century Bishops Palace, I will certainly give it a go? 

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