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Signature Projects 

Whilst we work across a broad spectrum of projects, we endeavour to be forward thinking. As times and societies evolve so does design and furthermore our clients needs. 

On this page you will find a few of our signature offerings. 

Improved handle photo.jpg
Custom Finishings

Sometimes we can't find precisely the component we need to finish a design. So we custom design it and have it made. In this case we felt the main glass door needed a handle that matched everything else around it. Made of heavy chrome and solid polished wood it is in  for the nearby panelling. Currently we are designing the matching light fitting. 

Micro Spa's by Residenz

Residenz is working with technical specialists, on the Luxury Micro-Spa Concept. Briefly, a Micro-Spa is an investment by you, for you. The space is a building little bigger than a double garage that is newly built and landscaped within your garden space. Technically though its exterior shell can be designed to match the house, the interior shell is a highly insulated box with an energy generate/transfer/storage/reheat system. (this is why we work with specialists!)  Actually, that’s the simple part. It is big enough for you and your partner or maybe two friends. It really really isn’t a big space, and it really is not intended to be.

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