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Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Welcome to Hotels in Residenz. We are very pro-Hospitality here. And Residenz as a company has knowledge of this sector in depth.  We know the business in other words. However, we tend to keep Hotel and Residential projects very separate on the website. Despite many residences looking like hotels and vice versa it is not the same design process. Hotels are businesses that need to be designed as businesses. It is not even enough to design to simply make profit. The design needs to maximize profit, which means a designer needs to consider all those things that would cut into profitability. Usability, Flexibility, Cap-Ex, Repairability & Maintenance, Staff-engagement, Integration with Room sales, Integration with Event sales, Integration with Websites, Storage, Compliance, Local and National codes.... We could go on. We know the complexity of Hotel Design....and that why we keep it sepertete from residential. That sector does not need to consider all this.  But we do.


The real challenge for the concept design stage is to "target" the design. Meaning what can be identified and then we created that will evoke the best financial response. This means we can initially work with your ideas and together with ours to make a concept proposal. That’s the first step. 

The other significant different from residential is spend per square metre. We need to make sure, whatever the size of the project, whether is a new-build or partial-refurb or just a couple of rooms, that construction and fit-out costs don’t run away. Financial control is key. 

In the end its maximum return on investment. This industry sector is for experienced professionals. We would be pleased to assist in your project.



(By the way Mr B still does the occasional guest lectures at Swiss Hospitality Schools. Though we think he just goes for the Chasselas and Fondue)


This project is a classic Caribbean house standing in its own large garden, for a client who is mostly resident there. This has given us the opportunity to extend the house to create a suite of rooms based around a new Master bedroom equipped with His & Hers Walk-in Wardrobes and a small private lounge. We are always keen to make sure Luxury is also Comfortable. After all, its still a Home. And just because its beautifully tropical doesn’t mean to say it can’t be beautifully constructed. 

This one is rather different for us as it's a very Urban offering.

Professionals, like our client, often need a place-in-the-city in addition to their home. This here is an apartment we are creating in a converted factory building. We see no reason for small spaces to be less well designed. Plus it does give an opportunity to produce a much more laid-back feeling. Today, being "Kool" can actually be a core business asset. 

the  01 URBAN IMAGE[118689].jpg

This was a very successful project, enhanced by excellent clients. The requirements are very typical of our design work. The project was extensive and complex and involved large-scale remodelling of the house. The entire property frontage was replaced and we added back in a New Kitchen, Living Day Room, Dining Room, Entrance Foyer. There is a new 3-Car garage and new live-In PA's Apartment. We worked very closely with the client to ensure this was more than a Luxury House, it was a Home full of things to be enjoyed. 

We have projects in the North that don't have the visual advantage of warm intense sunlight. No matter. Here we have unified the entire space in subtle warm tones. The client likes to keep that "kool" look. When the space is dressed for a dinner party, the lights are dimmed, creating an instantly sophisticated European feeling ambience.

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