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Custom furniture to compliment any space 

To complement your new interior, or simply as a stand-alone project, we offer design and development of custom furniture, hand crafted in the Cheshire workshop of our partner to the highest of standards. 

It is in the ateliers that your furniture comes to life. We are fortunate to work with an extraordinary team of professional artisans; experts and delighters in the art of furniture making, who are dedicated to the promise of creating exceptional pieces, infused with the utmost character, distinction and exclusivity in design. 

We will work with you to develop unique and expressive pieces which reflect the character of your property, blending seamlessly your tastes and lifestyle. We and our partners believe that custom furniture is a long term investment which should stand the test of time.  

Along with specialist design and development we are able to offer an exquisite range of materials and finishing’s for our clients consideration, owing to our partners long term relations with some of the worlds most renowned suppliers. recent additions to the collection include rare precious stones and scented woods for the ultimate in elevated design. 

from concept to completion we will arrange seamless production and shipment of pieces worldwide. So, no matter where you, or your property are located you can relax and relish in the anticipation of your new arrival.

Combining timeless heritage with contemporary innovation our partners create free standing and fitted installations from their independent Cheshire workshop.

From striking statement cabinets, to decadent accent chairs or that exquisite yet practical fitted piece, we can make your vision a reality. 


For more information about our previous projects, or an informal chat. 

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