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Commercial Property

We may lead in residential design but our portfolio also includes luxury commercial projects. From select Retail concepts to Multipurpose Developments and Luxury Hotels. 

With Mr B having worked in Luxury Hotel design for many years we understand the logistical and aesthetic challenges of your hospitality or hotel operation. Through our extensive design experience and commercial understanding we are able deliver exquisite, high-performing design solutions for all your hospitality projects.

As with our residential projects we are equipped to manage the end to end procurement process from design reviews through to delivery and installation on site. Wherever you are based in the world!

SIHH PHOTO CEO ROOM 01[118067].jpg

Occasionally we work on projects that are a little outside of our norm. This commercial boardroom space was one of them. Being for the CEO of a company with a focus on disruptive intelligence there was no call for an office with the usual desk, chair and pot plant. This room is very him, and this is our focus. To create interiors that reflect individual needs and character, over a generic response. Befitting the brief, this space is the embodiment of self confidence. 

Living in Luxury Apartments of the Glass Walled, High-Rise type may be a relatively new idea in the UK, but of course other countries are now repurposing those apartments they built in the 90s to new standards and configurations. This is a Hi-End Bahrain apartment for a local client. The developers are taking down the walls of three previous 2-Bedroom properties to form one single 4-Bedroom. These older blocks often have the better views too. The style is Contemporary but not too minimal.

191027_118_Apartment_ sitting_v1b_View02.jpg
IWC_BTQ_PBar_04_c (002).jpg

The Aviator Bar was created for a company called Globus in Geneva. Globus is the "go-to" shop in the Rue de Rhone, for all the International Brands. They wanted a classic bar for their customers to relax in after an exhausting days shopping. Pewter Bar top, solid wood panelling, . Very old skool. And very Nice Cocktails!

We work with independent operators on everything from luxury retail spaces to wine bars,
                                                                 bringing creative visions to fruition.

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