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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The one question that seems to be asked again and again by our clients is: Where do Design Ideas come from?

There is no easy answer. Though it seems that the careful study of many diverse designed interiors and artefacts somehow create in the designer a "source bank" of knowledge that they are hardly aware of, but which they draw on when needed. The best place to find this source material is in Books. The monthly section is dedicated to the sort of Books that designers use to sometimes, find a detail or find a colour, find a space or a treatment.

This month we are looking at two very different books, but remember, the ideas form one source often crosses over the the other. Fascinating stuff!

If you like Classic Cars (and here at Residenz this seems to be a frequent topic of conversation) then at some point you have to consider one area of Automotive Design that is rather overlooked. The Dashboard. Here is a Interior Design challenge that tests the best designers. Yes it has to function, but then it has to say what the car is all about. The Speed? The Style? The Luxury? Particularly the Luxury, after all, that what Residenz is all about. This book is a full of how this design challenge is met in different ways. Its an excellent source for how to put materials together.

You can get this through Amazon of course. But buying this through us allows us to pass it through our Concierge section, which means if its a Gift, then our Packaging & Wrapping maestro will make the wrapping will match the contents.

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