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Residenz Luxury Concierge 

At Residenz we understand that it can be difficult to find the time or resources to define and hunt down that special something for your home or business interior. This is where our team can help.


We can research and explore your requirements to find the most unusual and inspired pieces. Those which convey a story of their own and intrigue through form and shape. That exhilarate through unexpected colour combinations, character or surface detail. We can source specific items, or even have something curated to meet your requirements.


Collaborating with independent suppliers, designers and professional artists across the UK and Europe we can ensure that you acquire that extra special piece.


We take pride in guiding our clients in creating the most elegant, enchanting and expressive interiors that uplift and excite for years to come.

We source antiques and works of art through our evolving network of contacts in the art and antiques world. We operate within a broad price range and across the historical spectrum, from antiquity to contemporary.

After many years of working with experts in a variety of fields, we can also assist with sourcing property, jewellery (including watches and modern precious stones), musical instruments, antique arms, fine wines, spirits and classic cars.

We are also able to facilitate valuations and legal advice in the art, antique and property markets.


Art Direction.

With a background in the creative field Residenz offer art direction, should you wish for help to plan and visualise art within your home or business setting. From general advice on styles, media, colours, themes and scale, we can suggest what to think about when buying art and antique pieces from across the globe. We can support you with planning art for specific sites and spaces, as well as communicating ideas and concepts in a way that is friendly and accessible.



Commissioning an artist can seem like a daunting prospect. Residenz can help you to break down the barriers to accessing artists or designers who can make a unique piece of work just for you. With experience of collaborating with artists, interior designers and architects in the creative planning of projects large and small. From helping you to find the best place to display art in your home or business environment to finding the right artist, putting together a creative brief and understanding the commissioning process – we can help every step of the way.

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