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Work in Progress 

In order to ensure that our clients receive the focus and time they deserve we take on a maximum of four design projects at any time. We are currently being kept busy with residential projects in the UK and Europe. 

rez 02_edited.jpg

“…..this is a cut-away view of our Ibiza Project. It's for one of my favourite clients. This is just a very early stage Concept. The house currently is 5,400 Sq Ft over three floors, with six Bedrooms and Pool and fronting to a Marina. As family needs change, the design brief is to transform the House from a series of rooms to a Home with meaning. The aim is to carve into the space to get the levels to speak together…”

“…Malta is very special…history at every corner. So, developing this property means leaving its traditional elevations intact as possible and at the same time bringing it up to the new luxury standard. Plus this traditional building has been built into a much older medieval building. Bringing this rare quality out is the design intention. Making it both beautifully contemporary and uniquely historic…”

Interior Design Malta
Imperial Watch Collection Case_edited.jpg

“…Increasingly we are asked to create furniture pieces that make stand-alone statements reflecting a clients lifestyle or interests. This piece is a watch and jewellery case.  Beautiful items like fine watches and personal jewellery really deserve a “special place” that matches their power and desirability. They're too good to be stuffed in a drawer! This cabinet is faced in Fumed Sycamore, Pin-Dot Silver Italian Leather with White Bronze cappings. We have already produced both a prototype and a “His & Hers” version…”

''This project in Barbados began by organising the Master Bedroom Area. These days where possible the entire area which includes Bedroom, En-suite, His & Hers Walk-in Wardrobes, Bathrooms and small Sitting Room are all grouped as Private Only space from the rest of the House. It's tricky but the feel is mush more prestigious.''

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Working only with clients who we share vision and values we take on a maximum of 4 projects at a time so you will always receive the time and focus your project needs.


We take the time to understand exactly what you need from us in order to manifest your vision.


With over 30 years working with ultra luxury property we have intimate knowledge of maximising value, return and all that is entailed in quality design.

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